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What is ancient Japanese Jujitsu

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What is ancient Japanese Jujitsu

Jujitsu has been developed in Japan about 400 years ago or more.

These days Samurai who was broken sword or arrow was exhausted on the battlefield,how to survived, they use of the jiu-jitsu techniques.

Warring States Period and jujitsu, sword broken with an arrow at the battlefield, be placed on weapons of bare hands would be lost at hand state, it has also become a source of judo and aikido in survival techniques that has been well thought out in order to survive.
In practice, if you grabbed the Munagura, if that was almost taken away pulled the hand, if it is Dakitsuka from behind suddenly, if it is less beat, if that was attacked by two people, with a sword and dagger when it was Kirikakara on, etc., and repeatedly practice the technique in conjunction in a variety of situations. All throw using the technique in hitting verge come the power of the other party in order to protect themselves, such as self-defense or extremely wrist break the balance will be the center. Keiko like to attack from here, you can enjoy also those of women and elderly in a very peaceful self-defense without.

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1975年 兵庫産まれ、大阪育ち、大宮(埼玉)仕上げ。


2003年 皇光道柔術に入門。
2004年 弐段取得後、カナダのバンクーバーにてマイケルシーマーク(北米)に従事。
2006年 師範位取得。
2012年 大阪にて皇光道柔術秀明館を開く。
2015年 皇光道柔術から独立。柔術 Jujitsu Art of Self-defense を主催。
2016年 氣慎塾主範小嶋先生より教伝代理の免状を頂き、氣慎塾大阪支部として活動を始める。


海外国内問わず旅行好きで、海外は学生時代に、インド、シンガポール、マレーシア タイをバックパッカースタイル(でめぐりました。また、カナダ、アメリカ、からコスタリカまで北中米アメリカ大陸を自転車で旅行したこともあります。最近では国内で幕末や戦国時代の史跡めぐり、神社仏閣めぐりを始め100名城スタンプラリーにも挑戦中の城好きです。

金澤 秀明

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